When to Wear Custom Made Cufflinks


Date: January 13, 2020


Cufflinks were traditionally worn for formal and semi formal attire as an alternative to the commonly used buttons. But with the rising popularity of custom made cufflinks that give simple and elegant outfits that extra oomph, these items of jewelry have become wearable for any type of occasion and ensemble.

At White-Tie Events

Attending a White-Tie Event is one of the most common scenarios where you can show off your custom cufflinks. They are a great opportunity to wear custom made cufflinks. It is the most formal dress code for events. A white-tie attire for men means wearing a sophisticated black dress coat. It is completed with matching trousers, white vest, white bow tie, gloves, black shoes and socks. And of course, a pair of custom cufflinks will top it all off.

At Black-Tie Events

Black-tie events can either require the formal black tie attire that doesn’t attract too much attention, the creative black tie where you can include fun accessories, or the black tie optional which is a slightly casual version. The common thing between the three is that they can be perfectly complemented by good quality cufflinks. The “dinner jacket”, also known as tuxedo jacket, worn over the tuxedo shirt can be fastened with custom made cufflinks for men to give out a classic look.

At Work

If your workplace follows the usual corporate/business attire, cufflinks for men can be a common sight. It’s the best time to show off your unique cufflinks. You can have more freedom to use custom cufflinks made just for you. A cufflink maker is the way to go when looking for cufflinks that suit your specific tastes and interests. You can personalize your designs while still keeping that sophisticated look in the workplace.

Anytime, Anywhere

Gone are the days when cufflinks are merely traditional accessories for your attires. You now have the ability to create your own designs for your own custom made cufflinks. Also you can easily wear these with every kind of attire.

Wondering how to get your own good quality custom cufflinks? Our cufflink maker not only allows you to customize your designs, but you may get a free cufflink mockup to get a peek of the final product! Leave us a message and we’ll be glad to help. For other custom products, visit our partner stores: corporatietie.com.au, corporatekeyrings.com.au, custombeltbuckles.com.au, lapels.com.au, embroideredpatches.com.au.