Tips on Wearing Cufflinks


Date: November 14, 2019


These days, it is easy to get the right design, color, shape, and other preferences for your cufflinks through custom made cufflinks. With the many cufflink makers and manufacturers out there, even customizing your own set of cufflinks has become very easy. If you’re planning to get the perfect pair for you, however, you may need to consider a few things in mind in order to have the RIGHT pair for a certain situation. In this post, we share a few tips when creating and wearing your pair of custom made cufflinks.

Know the Occasion/Purpose

People usually start wearing cufflinks for formal occasions or special events. When attending a formal one, we suggest choosing classic and elegant pieces that will add spark and sophistication to your outfit making you look extra classy and dapper. Don’t be afraid to use a pair of custom made cufflinks with small gems or sparkling details for a shimmery effect. Lesser formal events call for less formal designs of cufflinks too, like your favorite shape, color or even cartoon character if the theme calls for it. The possibilities are endless.

Choose Colors That Compliment Your Outfit

Neutral and classic colors such as black, silver, grey, and gold will never go out of style and can be matched with any colored suit or shirt you’re wearing. We suggest having a pair of each for days when you need to look formal, simple, yet still stylish.

However, do not shy away from colors as well. If you want to look a bit extra, you can easily turn heads by choosing striking colored cufflinks to brighten up a dull outfit. Custom enamel cufflinks are your best bet for this situation, as you can choose whatever color and design you want. Choose funky and unique designs to even look for quirky and fun.

When wearing printed polo shirts or suits, choose the less dominant color of the pattern and use a cufflink in that color. Don’t use the same color with what’s obvious on your uniform. For monochromatic colored suits, always opt for a different color for your cufflinks.

Choose What Represents You

Always choose a design you like and a design that best represents your style and personality. This can be quite hard choosing a design if you many things in mind that you like, but opt for the one you’re currently love right now. You might be gearing towards a certain shape these days or a specific color, or maybe a favorite superhero or your favorite car. Don’t be shy to use unique and funky designs as these days, good cufflink makers can easily create cufflink mockups for you. Whatever design you choose, make sure you chose it for yourself.

We hope these tips help you achieve a better look when wearing your custom made cufflinks. If you need good quality custom cufflinks for your special event or to give away to someone, hit us up and we’ll create the best pair for you. For custom cufflink bulk orders, we offer them in lower prices so you can save more. Send in your designs now for a free cufflink mockup!