Tips On Taking Care Of Your Custom Cufflinks


Date: April 30, 2020


It is important to know how to take care of your pairs of custom cufflinks. Over time, they could tarnish a little which is completely normal for metal accessories. All you need is some TLC in order for them to stay shiny and brand new. Here are a few tips we have gathered for you to take care of your cufflinks:

Keep them away from sunlight.

The heat can quickly damage your cufflinks.

Store them in a jewelry box with dividers.

In order to avoid oxidation and tarnishing, store your pairs of cufflinks safely in a jewelry box. Having dividers will prevent them from scratching with each other, so it’s best to use a jewelry box with compartments for separation.

Use proper jewelry polishing materials.

Use a jewelry cleaning solution and a soft polishing cloth to clean your custom cufflinks. Gently rub the cloth soaked with the solution to the cufflinks very gently, avoiding too much abrasion.

If you don’t have a jewelry polishing solution, use warm water and light soap.

Gently wipe your cufflinks using a microfiber cloth.

Do not use harsh household chemicals.

Avoid using strong detergents or harsh solutions in cleaning them, so as not to damage your cufflinks. Harsh chemicals can easily remove the enamel and can stain your cufflinks.

Don’t take your cufflinks for a swim.

Chlorine can easily damage your cufflinks.

It is also important to purchase high-quality custom cufflinks that don’t tarnish fast.

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