The Different Types of Cufflinks


Date: November 25, 2019


Getting the perfect pair of custom-made cufflinks can now be easily achieved. Through a reliable cufflink maker, you can just provide your preferences such as logo, shape, color and others to match your own style and personality. However, with the limitless options you have for your cufflink design, you might get overwhelmed and confused on what look you want exactly. It is helpful to know the different types or forms of cufflink out there to see which one fits you the most. Here are the different types of cufflinks you can choose from:

Bullet Back Cufflink

The bullet-back cufflink is the most popular type of cufflink and is preferred by many up to this day. A small cylinder is set between two short bars and is secured by flipping it to 90 degrees, keeping the cufflinks locked into their places.

Whale Back Cufflink

Similar to the shape of a whale, this type consists of a flat face with a movable whale to secure the cufflink. This is another common type of cufflink being used today.

Fixed Back Cufflink

This is another type that looks similar to a whale, but unlike the whale back cufflinks, this type has no moving parts. You may use reversible styles and designs for the fixed back cufflink. This may not be the easiest to insert into the cuffs but being fixed may also mean more security as it will not unfasten.

Chain Link Cufflink

If you want a cufflink that is a bit loose, the chain link cufflink that connects the ends with a chain, is inserted, fastened and allows for a looser cuff. This type is reversible too, as seen on the photo above.

Ball Return Cufflink

You can find this cufflink in both chain link and fixed closure.  The face design varies, but the back end will always in a ball shape.

Knotted Cufflink

If you want a unique pair of custom made cufflinks, the knotted cufflinks might be your best bet. This pair uses thread instead of the usual metal, and comes in diverse colors. Knotted cufflinks are also the most affordable among the other types of cufflinks.

Stud/Button Cufflink

Fastened with no moving parts, this style is one of the most secure cufflinks. Both ends of this stud/button style have the same material and design.

Locking Cufflink

This cufflink has a hinge and is fastened through a closure that is similar to a wristwatch.  Since it is a contemporary-styled cufflink, it is characterized by a dual-locking system and a modern design.

Whether for personal use or for a gift to your loved one, allow us to create the best custom made cufflinks for you. Choose among any of the mentioned cufflinks, send in your design and preferences, and send you a free cufflink mock up to approve. You can also save heaps if you order custom cufflinks in bulk. Start customizing with us now!