Pick the Right Shirt for Your Custom Cufflinks


Date: February 6, 2020


Formal wear for men has become less strict as many have strived to promote diversity and freedom to wear according to what they like on any occasion. However, some of the rules followed when wearing formal attire is still retained and followed by most, from which belts are best for the provided dress code, to what shirts you can wear your custom made cufflinks with. Custom cufflinks stand out best with the right dress shirts, and there are two conventional types of shirts that people invest in: dress shirts with double (French) cuffs and single cuffs. Shirt cuffs are one of the most important parts of a shirt’s style. It’s just as important as the kind of fabric to the color of shoes that you wear.

Double (French) Cuffs

Double cuffs get their name as their length is literally double how long regular cuffs are. Longer cuffs mean they must be folded, and thus result in thicker cuffs that are in need of good quality custom cufflinks to secure them properly in place. French cuffs allow you to wear your custom made cufflinks more often and show them off on any occasion. Double cuff dress shirts are what you usually wear when attending a wedding or any semi-formal event that isn’t so strict with the dress code and accepts a laid-back attire while keeping a classy look. There is no particular rule on which occasions you may only wear cufflinks, but it is advisable to go for double cuff shirts during less formal events.

Single Cuffs

Single cuff shirts are still basically double cuff dress shirts without the fold that double cuffs are known for. It wraps around the whole wrist and can be round, square, or angled. Single cuff shirts may come with buttons for fastening the cuffs, but to upgrade your attire during strict formal events, custom cufflinks are your best choice to bring out an elegant look in a subtle way. They’re tiny, but can make a big difference when worn the right way. Single cuff shirts are the more formal option and best worn during white-tie or black-tie events.

After choosing the right shirt to wear, the next step is to look for the best cufflinks for men that are customizable with a cufflink maker. Check out our website to know how and we’ll help you look your best with custom made cufflinks no matter the occasion. For other custom accessories, check out our partner stores: lapels.com.au, custombeltbuckles.com.au, corporatetie.com.au, embroideredpatches.com.au, corporatekeyrings.com.au.