Custom made cufflinks are a mark of class and sophistication, and they make a bold understatement. Since abandoned the use of neckties as part of our armoury in favour of the traditional blue suit paired with a tailored white shirt as the standard attire for conducting business or attending cocktail events. To ensure that the suit is stylishly finished, we have gone to great measures to guarantee that it has the ideal fit, along with the appropriate fabric, buttons that can be clasped, and a glimpse of a white linen pocket square. The fashion trend known as “refined casual” is becoming increasingly popular among today’s men. However, when it comes to aspects of stylish flare, the well-known details are what make a great difference in the overall effect. When it comes to the suit, there are very few elements that are smaller but have a greater overall influence. If you know how to pull off a pair of cufflinks, they might be your best friends. Custom made cufflinks are a mark of class and sophistication, and they make a bold understatement.


Custom made cufflinks have developed with time and have become an essential component of the wardrobe of today’s modern man. You can wear them to the office, to a function, or even to a beautiful Sunday brunch.

The versatility of custom made cufflinks allows for their use in a wide variety of settings, which is one of their many endearing qualities. You have the option of selecting formal shirts that come equipped with apertures for cufflinks. You might also have your favourite shirt’s buttons removed by a tailor so that there is place for your cufflinks on the shirt.

This translates to the fact that you are free to pair your cufflinks with whatever colour, material, or type of shirt you want. The shirt cannot choose the cufflinks; rather, it is the other way around. Shirts that come with cufflinks should always be worn with a jacket of some kind.


Get ready to pull out all the stops while attending events of this nature. An event that requires white tie is much more formal than one that requires black tie. In this particular scenario, you’ll want your custom made cufflinks to be a little less noticeable. Choose a style that is sophisticated while still understated to wear with your black tuxedo or dress coat. You can even wish to accessorise a shirt with a wing collar by adding studs and cufflinks to it.

It would be a mistake to overlook the “creative” black tie gatherings, which typically have an entertaining theme. This is the perfect opportunity for you to wear some interesting custom made cufflinks that you have designed.


This will be determined by the dress code of your organisation as well as the sector in which you operate. Custom made cufflinks are acceptable attire so long as a dress shirt and suit jacket are also being worn. When meeting with clients, it is usually to your advantage to dress to impress.

Some workplaces have rigors policies during the week, but on Fridays they relax their standards. Pick up a pair of basic shoes to wear around the house and a more exciting pair to wear on the weekends. Custom made cufflinks with a monogram are a common pick for those who want to seem classy while maintaining a casual demeanour.


When attending gatherings of this nature, you will likely have more opportunities to experiment and have some fun with your custom made cufflinks. Wear them with an elegant three-piece suit. Cufflinks for a suit are typically the first set of cufflinks a guy will purchase for himself or receive as a gift.

Make sure that your custom made cufflinks are on display at all times. When you are dressed formally, the cuffs of your jacket should reach a little bit past the end of the sleeve of the jacket. If you want the cuffs to be more noticeable, you might need to pull down a little bit on them.


Balancing Contrasts

You might try matching the colour of the cufflink¬†to the colour of the shirt if you have one that is striped. If it’s yellow, you should probably use yellow. If it’s orange, then you should choose orange. Brown atop brown, and so on and so forth. When it comes to the striped shirt, you want to make sure that you generate contrast, and this will rely on the type of stripe that the shirt has. It is dependent on the specific shirt as to whether or not you can get away with wearing a set of solid custom made cufflinks because there is sufficient contrast when wearing a shirt with a very fine stripe. It does not make a difference in the long run whether you choose with a chain cufflink, a t-bar cufflink, or a fixed column cufflink for your accessories. If you lace up checked shirts, it is recommendable¬†that you keep it simple with your custom made cufflinks and go with either a sterling silver, solid gold, or solid rose gold. This is because checks are already occupied, and adding another solid contrasting cuff link is just over the edge. If you wear solid-colored shirts, however, you can add some flair to your look by choosing solid-colored cuff links. The idea is to produce some contrast while yet maintaining balance and harmony in the overall composition.

Harmonize with Your Accessories

You can, of course, also coordinate your custom made cufflinks with the colour and pattern of your tie and pocket square. It’s the same deal with the socks. To achieve the best results, select one of the colours and work it into each of your outfits as much as possible. If the general colour scheme of your clothing is warm, such as green and yellow, then gold would be a good choice for you to accessorise with because it is a warmer hue. Silver looks great when paired with hues that are on the colder side, such as azure or grey. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you could also try matching your socks and cuff links with your pocket square. On the other hand, you should try to avoid wearing a tie and pocket square that are the same pattern because this will make you look tacky. Comparatively, matching ties and pocket squares can be challenging, but matching custom made cufflinks is much simpler.

Pair Up with Your Socks

Custom made cufflinks can also look wonderful when worn in coordination with the socks the wearer is wearing. Carnelian is a good choice to wear if your socks are crimson, burgundy, or even purple. You can wear tiger’s eye or lapis lazuli with brown or blue socks, depending on whatever colour socks you have. If you have a set of charcoal or grey socks, you can use an onyx, magnetite, or abalone stone. These stones will work quite nicely. In a nutshell, you should look for a colour that matches your cufflinks in your socks and wear that. It is coordinated, which gives for a cool aesthetic, yet despite that, it is understated and classy.


Ready to step up your look with custom made cufflinks?

The best option is to have your cufflinks manufactured to order. Even the minutest of adjustments can have a significant impact when it comes to crafting the ideal pair of shoes for you. As a result, we pay careful attention to the smallest details of your custom made cufflinks to ensure that they accurately reflect the level of sophistication that you radiate. Because our artwork option is completely free, we are able to give you an accurate preview of the finished product before we begin production. Revisions are unlimited until you are 100 percent delighted!