Basic Guide on How to Dress Up for Work


Date: February 21, 2020


Most offices and corporate settings have adopted modern rules for everyday business attire. But for others, the importance of looking formal remains as a requirement for every man in the office. Some may think men have it easy when dressing up with the few options available, but in reality, it’s just as hectic as with women choosing which bag matches their shoes. Everybody has an opinion on what it means to wear a corporate attire to work. Others end up misinterpreting “business casual” by arriving at work wearing jeans while putting on a tie and custom cufflinks. Avoid instances like this by taking note of the following:

 Look Neat

There’s nothing cliché about maintaining cleanliness in your surroundings, and even more when it comes to your own appearance. Looking neat does not only mean wearing a spotless dress shirt and polished shoes; make sure to keep your clothes unwrinkled and smelling good. Spray on a light perfume and use some hair gel. Keeping a neat look does not only equate to good hygiene habits, it reflects majorly how you are as a professional. It shows that you can be responsible with your personal belongings and appearance, which means you have the capability to be trusted with tasks and responsibilities in the workplace.

Follow the Dress Code

Different companies can have their own designated dress codes depending on the department, position, or occasion. Staying in line with the required attire is another way to show up at work while pleasing the ones on top. It shows obedience and dedication to your job in all aspects.

Stand Out

When dressing up for work, it is encouraged to stick to neutral colors such as white, black, grey, tan, and brown for your shirts and pants. But following this rule does not mean you have to blend in among the crowd and look like the majority. Look more confident by incorporating accessories that will upgrade your formal corporate attire and let you stand out but in a subtle way. Sport some custom accessories like custom made cufflinks and ties. Enamel cufflinks can easily add a small pop of color to your shirt without going overboard.

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