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February 2020

custom made cufflinks

Basic Guide On How To Dress Up For Work

Most offices and corporate settings have adopted modern rules for everyday business attire. But for others, the importance of looking formal remains as a requirement for every man in the office. Some may think men have it easy when dressing up with the few options available, but in reality, it’s just as hectic as with women choosing which bag matches their shoes. Everybody has an opinion on what it means to wear a corporate attire to work. Others end up misinterpreting “business casual” by arriving at work wearing jeans while putting on a tie and custom cufflinks. Avoid instances like…

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custom cufflinks

Pick the Right Shirt For Your Custom Cufflinks

Formal wear for men has become less strict as many have strived to promote diversity and freedom to wear according to what they like on any occasion. However, some of the rules followed when wearing formal attire is still retained and followed by most, from which belts are best for the provided dress code, to what shirts you can wear your custom made cufflinks with. Custom cufflinks stand out best with the right dress shirts, and there are two conventional types of shirts that people invest in: dress shirts with double (French) cuffs and single cuffs. Shirt cuffs are one…

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