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December 2019


How Did Custom Made Cufflinks Become Popular?

Many people are diving into the cufflink trend, especially custom made cufflinks, ever since it became popular. Cufflinks are used to secure the button and the shirt cuffs. They are now accepted too as items for fashion and jewelry. Different materials such as metal, stone, glass, leather, and other fabrics are used to create these pieces. But exactly when did these items become a norm in the fashion industry?   17th Century Cufflinks actually have an interesting history, which started in the 17th century. Before that, people used strings to secure their cuffs and they did so with elegance and style as it…

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Things To Consider When Choosing Cufflinks

There are different types of cufflinks one can choose from, as we have previously written in our previous blog post. You may already have an idea of what cufflink best represents your style and personality. However, knowing the various types is not enough to stand out. There are a few things to consider when choosing cufflinks in a certain situation. In this post, we share 3 things to keep in mind when picking out the best cufflink.   Purpose or Occasion: Are you going to attend a formal company meeting or a casual corporate dinner? Knowing the purpose or occasion…

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